July in Alabama

July in Alabama is always hot. Locals know it will get hotter, usually. Weather these days has been remarkably unpredictable.  Crops are growing and being harvested. Others are being planted for a fall harvest. Growers are busy supplying farmers’ markets and some have specialized crops for restaurant buyers. Others have arranged for CSA members to help finance their work and crops. We will have another post that explains what a Community  Supported Agriculture is and how you can become a part of this growing economic and personal food supply.

Weeds, speak of biological diversity, yet they often need to be removed since they are competing for water and sunlight. The organic grower strives to use only natural or manual control with minimum disruption to the soil and its inhabitants. Meanwhile, maintaining an effective rain catchment system to help with irrigating crops is essential.

I have been out of sight for several months. I actually feel slothful, even though my absence has been health related and beyond my control. My passion for the Earth and all  of God’s creation has not diminished but my outdoor involvement has been curtailed.

While I was on medication for my winter illnesses, I could not focus attention or stay awake for very long. My writing income diminished too.

Soon I will be traveling to PA for a while, where I hope it will be mercifully cooler than here.

I am beginning to volunteer at my church by helping our pastor with the weekly bulletin. It  is always good to feel like I am contributing to the greater good.  It also reminds me of the hours I spent with my Mother when she was the church secretary.  The technology was SO different then. Mimeograph machine or ditto machine vs several different software packages, templates, graphics, videos and editing and formatting. It is keeping my computer skills active and I enjoy being a part of the worship process.

I am slowly re-building my online activities. So, if you know someone who needs a writer or a consultant or a tutor, let me know. Maybe I can help them out and me too.

Remember, just as summer brings its unique opportunities, enjoy them while you can before cold weather returns and a new cycle begins.

Donna Bessken